Sunday, May 30, 2010

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Blu E-40 D Wiggins - hide & go get it (mob shop remix)

maxwell - Ascension (SOS BAND No Ones Gonna Love You Remix)

A little sumthin' that people looking for.

Wayne Marshall - G-Spot

Karyn White - Superwoman - The Best Of

Tisha Campbell - Tisha 1992

SWV - It's About Time 1992

Men at Large - Men at Large 1992

LeVert (The Best Of LeVert (2001)

Kut Klose -Surrender 1995

Joe - Everything 1993

Tight overlooked album. if you ever have a chance look up Joe vs. R. Kelly.

Jasmine Guy - Jasmine Guy 1990

Jade - Jade to the Max - 1992

Intro 1992

Guy -Guy 1988

Force M.D.'s Greatest Hits - For Lovers and Others

En Vogue The Best of

Changing Faces - Changing Faces 1994

Jaime Foxx - Peep This 1994

Limited pressing of Jaime Foxx in his post In Living Color days. Again very hard to get. Track 10 and 9 are my Favorites but the album it self will grow on you.

Terri & Monica - Suga 1996

Briefly released in europe then called back. Hard to get album and a nice one at that. Bustaz mad again, LOL.

Today - Today 1988

Another hard to get sold on the net for outrageous price cd, why? LOL

Sherrick - Sherrick (1987)

hard to get out of print.

Ladae! - Ladae! 1996

Unreleased album hard to get and sold for outrageous price. I guess some bustaz will be mad at us.