Monday, August 24, 2009

In The Mood Volume 1 by MrBiggMike

Classic late 70's early 80's slow jam compilation by MrBiggMike


  1. Hey Bro. just wanted to say that the blog is awesome. There were a lot of artists on here that i had slept on back in the days or just never heard of. thanks man and keep up the good work.


    #EXTINF:199,Mtume - The After 6 Mix (Juicy Fruit Part II)
    01 The After 6 Mix (Juicy Fruit Part II).mp3
    #EXTINF:346,Mary Jane Girls - All Night Long
    02 All Night Long.mp3
    #EXTINF:300,Teddy Pendergrass - Love T.K.O.
    03 Love T.K.O.mp3
    #EXTINF:239,Rose Royce - I Wanna Get Next to You
    04 I Wanna Get Next to You.mp3
    #EXTINF:319,Faze O - Riding High
    05 Riding High.mp3
    #EXTINF:337,Isley Brothers - Between The Sheets
    06 Between The Sheets.mp3
    #EXTINF:291,Marvin Gaye - Let's Get It On
    07 Let's Get It On.mp3
    #EXTINF:282,Rick james - You Turn Me On
    08 You Turn Me On.mp3
    #EXTINF:358,Shirley Murdock - As We Lay
    09 As We Lay.mp3
    #EXTINF:324,The System - Don't Disturb This Groove
    10 Don't Disturb This Groove.mp3
    #EXTINF:250,Tyrone Davis - In The Mood
    11 In The Mood.mp3
    #EXTINF:291,Isley Brothers - Groove With You
    12 Groove With You.mp3
    #EXTINF:239,Marvin Gaye - Sexual Healing
    13 Sexual Healing.mp3
    #EXTINF:376,Heatwave - Always and Forever
    14 Always and Forever.mp3
    #EXTINF:418,Art Of Noise - Moments In Love 12" Version
    15 Moments In Love 12' Version.mp3


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