Sunday, January 10, 2010

Stevie.Wonder.At.The.Close.Of.The.Century (4)

disc 1

disc 2

disc 3

disc 4


  1. hi mr. biggmike

    im not new here -this is just the first time i leave a comment
    im about to check out this stevie set
    ill be back later to tell u what i think --k

  2. well i listened to the whole thing

    i got to say that this is a must have 4 any true stevie fan

    i loved the older stuff--{little stevie}

    do u know if the trax he recorded for those surf movies ever got put on disc ?

    well anyways --thanx for the cuts

  3. give me the movie names i can research for you and or see if i have on record.

  4. well i think one of them was beach blabket bingo--but mainly they were the ones with frankie avalon and anette funicello--he may have been backed up by a group called the pyramids---feel free to hit me on my e
    --right on mr. bigg mike

  5. In 1964, Stevie Wonder made his film debut in Muscle Beach Party as himself, credited as "Little Stevie Wonder". He returned in the sequel released five months later, Bikini Beach. He performed on-screen in both films, singing "Happy Street," and "Happy Feelin' (Dance and Shout)," respectively. here is a starting point. you can research the songs like this.....stevie wonder happy street blogspot etc. instead of blogspot you can also use rapdishare mediafire and megaupload

  6. is the link for disk 4 down?

  7. Hi Mike, any chance of a re up of Disc 4? Many Thanks

  8. hi, could you please reload disc 4? thanks!


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